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Established in 1840, Harrison Spinks is a fifth-generation family business that today has over 600 people working with us, from farmers who rear our prize sheep to craftsmen who still hand side-stitch our mattresses. We have a number of our own brands, ranging from bed brands to a components brand. 



Harrison has been making beds since 1889. The knowledge gained from over 100 years of bed making has made the Harrison name synonymous with luxury, hand crafted, pocket sprung beds.

Every Harrison mattress contains the award-winning Revolution® spring-within-spring system. The Revolution®  spring has a smaller spring sitting inside a larger one and works in a two stage action, providing variable levels of support.


Technological innovation has been at the heart of Somnus throughout its 175 year history. It began with the invention of the double-tiered spring system in 1924, and this innovation continues today with the Sensa Intelligent pocket spring system, which helps dissipate the sleeper’s weight across the highest number of independent pocket springs found in any mattress in the world.

Somnus boasts an extensive range of design-led headboards, each one upholstered in the fabric of your choice and available with contrasting buttons and a range of piping options. When it comes to designing sleep, Somnus take care of every last detail.

Spinks Springs 

Spinks Springs are a pocket spring manufacturer who supplies world-leading low height micro-coil pocket springs including Posturflo, Posturfil, NatureCoil and Aerocoil.  These quality pocket spring components are not only used within traditional mattress construction, but are also suitable for rollable, bed-in-a-box mattresses with products being used in herdysleep, Drift, Simba and Emma mattresses.

Spink Springs also supplies such components to a wide range of other industries including upholstery, automotive, aviation and footwear industries.

Harrison Spinks Baby 

Harrison Spinks Baby's NaturalStart collection uses a combination of patented BabySpring ® technology and natural fillings, to give little ones the best start in life. The unique formula not only offers the correct postural support at each stage of development, but provides a luxuriously natural night’s sleep.

Harrison Spinks Hospitality 

Harrison Spinks Hospitality supply luxury contract beds to the hospitality industry. The collection of quality pocket sprung beds use the finest quality natural fillings and award-winning spring technology to create a sleeping experience for guests which is second to none. From large hotels to quirky boutique guest houses, each bed and mattress is lovingly hand-crafted to the customer’s exact requirements.

Hornington Manor 

Hornington Manor is a Grade II listed manor house, set within the grounds of the Harrison Spinks farm in the sleepy village of Bolton Percy, less than 10 miles from York.

Built in 1770, Hornington Manor has been lovingly restored to the highest quality, and now offers four sets of wonderfully unique luxury self-catering accommodation, offering weekend breaks and mid-week retreats in an idyllic setting. The Manor is also a beautiful wedding venue, with the newly-converted rustic barn proving to be a popular choice for couples. All the beds in the Manor have been hand-crafted at Harrison Spinks and contain natural fillings grown within the grounds of our farm.

Spink & Edgar 

Spink & Edgar mattresses are the first world in luxury. They offer unrivalled support to ensure your spine remains perfectly aligned throughout the night, and the tiny micro-springs contour to the shape of your body, relieving the build-up of any pressure points.

Spink & Edgar USA 

Spink & Edgar USA has been born out of 175 years of innovation, traditional hand craftsmanship and a passion for making high-end luxury beds. A Spink & Edgar USA bed is inspired by nature – using only the best natural fillings, which are sustainable, recyclable and bio-degradable.

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